Client Situation 3

Realtor Georgena Bates – contacted Mary Ellen for a 2-bedroom house with apartment and access to Cameron Lake, which she felt needed attention prior to going on the market. The house was badly in need of de-cluttering, painting, fixing and updating but had loads of potential and the clients couldn’t make the most of their property without assistance.

The Process

We worked on the concept of having the home be spacious, bright and well maintained, to appeal to a wide buyer market. We facilitated some serious clutter clearing: throwing out, storing and re-organizing. We also removed wallpapers and borders, painted, repaired, replaced dated verticals and blinds, and completely Staged the empty 2nd bedroom. We provided numerous accessories such as fresh linens, artworks, entry table & mirror, throws and cushions. The exterior flowerbeds were trimmed, cleaned up, tidied and mulched and a planter of spring pansies set by the front door.

The Result

What was expected to be a ‘hard sell property’, sold in less than 2 weeks for full asking price and a quick closing. Just what the client hoped for.