Dilema! newly decorated century home with original, dated brick fireplace.  

- the home owner had fond childhood memories surrounding the fireplace.

Problem?  His wife was ready for an update.

Solution? - clients agreed on having a mantle build that easily fit over the original fireplace, leaving covered but intact, to be easily removed at any time. 

Outcome? - everyone is happy and the end result is spectacular!




Many homeowners take on major renovations with the expectation that they are adding value to the their home.  However, most often these upgrades fall short of paying for themselves when it comes time for resale.


What must you consider when remodelling?


The Basics – the ‘Must Do’s’!

  • roof in good condition
  • down spouts & eaves troughs cleaned and repaired
  • furnace & air conditioner in good condition
  • floors solid and in good repair
  • walls in good repair

Replacement jobs—such as entry & garage doors, roofing, window, and siding projects will generate a higher return than remodeling projects.


Curb Appeal – Adds Value

  • new siding
  • a well cared for lawn
  • appealing landscaping
  • fresh paint – inside and out
  • new carpet or hardwood
  • new appliances  
  • kitchen remodelling
  • bathroom remodelling
  • new windows
  • decks and the addition of living space

There is a rising perception nationwide of the value of curb appeal.

The National Association of Realtors cites siding, kitchens and windows as some of the most beneficial projects, often recouping 80% or more of their costs during resale.

Personal Choices

  • swimming pool
  • tennis court
  • hot tub
  • wine cellars
  • media room
  • pond

Although you may like them other people may not like or be willing to pay to get them.