Tips to Sell Your Home

It's a Buyer's Market 

You Have To Price Your House Right





  • be realistic – what is a buyer willing to pay – not what are your expectations.
  • compare yours to other homes on the market?
  • price it too high and your listing will stay on the market. While your looking for prices from the past, your home loses its freshness and you look like a stubborn seller.
  • people are only willing to pay a competitive price.
  • where do most buyers shop for homes? On the internet!
  • look at the quality of your pictures on the web and how they are situated. Have a virtual tour.
  • list the ‘many extras’ – finished basement and bathroom, new windows, ceramic, etc.
  • use price increments of $5000. Don’t price @ $244,900. Price @ $245,000 – that will get more hits in peoples searches.

Smart Selling Strategies For Any Market

(1) How do home sellers attract the attention of both buyers and agents?

  • with markets experiencing declines in value, it’s vital that sellers do everything they can to make their home more attractive to buyers and agents alike.
  • web sites or blogs with photos help sellers showcase their home with more pictures than the local MLS might allow. Make sure you are getting your home up on as many sites as possible.

(2) Stage the home.

  • paint and clean and de-clutter as much as possible.
  • get any needed termite or chimney inspections done before you put the property on the market, so you can hand the paperwork to buyers and talk about what you are willing to pay, while they are still excited about the home. In the hands of a professional Stager, homes go from downright dowdy to updated and inviting.
  • if the home advertises as having a dining room make sure it shows as a dining room, not as an office.
  • tidy and de-clutter. Clutter is unappealing.
  • de-personalize and remove themes such as wallpapers, borders, posters and ‘superhero’ bedding. Most stagers would say wallpaper would come down, since wall paper is a personal choice.
  • push back curtains to allow more sunlight to shine. A few accessories only should be left on tables and counters.
  • removing all but a few articles of clothing. Clearing out the bottom of the closets as well.
  • remove knickknacks from mantels and add a single elegant painting in their place.
  • bring the outside in by adding a healthy green plant.
  • excellent photography helps to make a Staged room look even better. This is key, now that so many house hunters shop online.
  • clean the kitchen.
  • clear the counters - counter space sells.


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