How to Make the Most Money!


Zoomer Magazine’s, landscape architect Victoria Lister Carley states, “the biggest bang for your buck home improvement you can make (with an eye to selling) is in front of your house.  Curb appeal starts where the front walk meets the sidewalk.  Investing here…will facilitate a quicker sale”. That first impression for a prospective buyer is created here.  If it is a positive one then they are already in a positive frame of mind.  A well maintained entry indicates a well loved and well cared for home.  Victoria continues to say, “you can scarcely go wrong with a landscape refresh…people are buying neighbourhood as well as house, especially at the high end”.  Address all issues with broken or heaving stone walks, dead shrubs,  peeling paint, dry rot  etc., to create that great first impression.


As part of this  Curb Appeal, the front door and entry  must be clean, freshly painted and inviting. Be sure it becomes the focal point of your home by painting the door an eye catching color to add ‘pizzaz’!


To create visual interest strategically place striking accessories and eye catching potted plants or floral urns. Add a decorative wreath on the door. Keep it tidy and uncluttered. Hang beautiful, functional light fixtures by the front door. Don’t skimp on quality here!
Is your walkway dingy and dated? There are many inexpensive options for you.
Power washing discolored interlock, stone work or natural wood, will have it looking like new again.

If all your entry needs is sprucing up, wash your front door and porch. Eliminate any signs of spiders and cobwebs. Nothing is less inviting than these little ‘critters’ greeting you!
Is the mailbox in good shape? If not paint it or replace it. Whatever you do, make your entry say “it feels great to be living in this house”.

** Detail your house like you would detail your car.





Repair and repaint the fence.

A well kept lawn indicates a well kept home. Cut the grass. Rake the leaves and sweep walkways.
Cut and trim the shrubs. Remove dead tree limbs and other yard debris.
Create an inviting and intriguing walkway with shrubs and trees that offer something in all seasons with their color, form and texture. Add a splash of color with seasonal flowers.

Wash the driveway and sidewalk. Patch cracks or holes.

Clean up the garage and shed to inspire the viewer, so they can envision themselves working in the space. We often suggest livening up a patio area with containers of structured evergreens and colorful accents for a fresh seasonal touch.

Is the gas grill clean and ready for use?

Illuminate to create a sophisticated look! Effectively place lights around your house, not on the house itself. Focus on plantings, trees, pathways and the lawn to create a soft and pretty layered atmosphere.



Exteriors are often neglected. Having a gourmet kitchen with the rest of the house not matching up takes away value.

Paint the doors, siding, shutters, garage doors and trim in a complementary shade to the siding or brick. Repair gutters, loose shingles and flashing.

Clean and repair windows and screens.

Make sure outside lights and doorbells work.

Address any of these needs, promptly. They are crucial in getting top dollar for your home.

You can never undo a first impression.