Before the Sign Goes Up

Before your house goes on the market, have it look better than the competition!

(1) Remove, Reduce, Rearrange

– assess what you can live without and remove all excess.

– pack up all collections, remove family pictures and reduce the number of books (keep only good hard cover books), wall hangings, paintings and art work.  These distract the viewer from seeing the actual house.  ‘The viewer is buying your house, not your collections.’

– minimize objects on furniture to groups of 1 or 3 items.

– remove excess furniture and eliminate overcrowding to show the space you’re selling.

– eliminate objects from kitchen counters.  Move counter top appliances and gadgets to a cupboard out of sight.

– clear all messages, magnet and pictures off the refrigerator.

– in bathrooms remove all personal and unnecessary items from counters, tubs, showers and commode top.

 reduce pillows and cushions on sofas to 0 or 2.  Remove afghans and blankets.

(2) Clean Up, Freshen Up

– create ‘Curb Appeal’.  Ensure walkways and flower beds are tidy and the front door and trim are fresh and clean.  The     impression created here is a lasting and very important one

– remove all things that create clutter.

– eliminate offensive odors such as fried food smells, kitty litter, dog dirt in a yard, dirty diapers in a nursery. “You can’t sell it if you can smell it.”

– clean carpets, drapes and windows.

– clean fireplaces, glass doors, mantles and hearths.

– clean sinks, stove and counter tops, oven, fans, filters, grouting.

– blinds, doors, windows, hinges, light switches and switch plate covers must all be clean and in good operating order. Repair or replace where necessary.

– fill nail holes, repair and paint walls, ceilings and trim.  Choose neutral colors that will appeal to the majority of people, avoiding dark or trendy colors.

– ensure rooms are well lit and replace burnt out light bulbs.

(3) While Your House Is On The Market

– open all curtains and blinds during the day, letting in light and allowing a view of the outdoors.

– make beds every day and keep closet doors closed.

– remove garbage regularly to prevent odors.  Place waste baskets inside a cupboard, out of sight.

– put toilet lids down.

– keep the kitchen floor clean.

– keep the sinks clean and empty at all times.


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